Note: The schedule could change up to the day of the code camp

7:45 AM - BEC Commons (Room 101)

Registration Opens

Eat breakfast

8:45 AM - BEC Commons (Room 101)

Opening Remarks

10:00 AM


Introduce yourself to someone new!

11:15 AM

Lunch (Pizza)

Topic for your table - what tools or approaches are you using to solve problems?

1:15 PM


Connect with other developers!

2:30 PM


Laugh, learn and let all of the new information sink in.

4:00 PM - BEC Commons (Room 101)

Closing Remarks & Prizes

You must be present to win, so don't leave!!
Visit the Sponsor page to see who is providing all these great prizes!

After Party - 436 Water Street

Come join us on Water Street at Mogie's (located at 436 Water Street)
You do not need to be 21 to join the fun.