Brett Jensen

Brett is a senior consultant at J2 Interactive, a firm that specializes in healthcare integration. When he’s not stumbling around code, he likes to act and has appeared in a number of local productions and once toured Wisconsin as a paid actor . . . no kidding. At any time in his childhood, if you had asked Brett what he wanted to do when he grows up, he’s done it (except for tauntaun herder).

Brett Jensen
J2 Interactive


Real-Time Data Analytics with Microsoft Azure

Don’t wait until it is too late, analyze data in real-time. Take advantage of machine learning to notify you of problems before they happen. We’ll use Azure Stream Analytics to feed data to Power BI and give us the opportunity to analyze the data for anomalies and visualize the data as it happens.

A stream analytics solution will be demonstrated that records the CPU percentage and available memory of a laptop and displays this data in Power BI in real-time. Machine learning anomaly detection will also be utilized that can alert a user when “weird” data is seen.

The following Azure technologies will be demonstrated Event Hub IoT Hub Stream Analytics Functions