Getting us fired up for our first CVCC in four years!

Zach Halmstad
Speaker: Zach Halmstad

Create a Restful JSON Service in Go with GIN

All Morning Workshop

Need to create a JSON web service FAST! Gin is a JSON web framework that comes with all batteries included. You can have a RESTFUL JSON Service up and running in just minutes! And get al the Benefits of Go with it! Fast compile/test speeds, fast runtime, robust language features!

Cory LaNou
Speaker: Cory LaNou

The Developer's Productivity Toolbox

Beyond just writing code there is a craft: the developer’s personal toolbox that enables productive (and fun!) coding. Let’s dig into the fundamentals: using developer tools, and creating our own, to craft code at the speed of thought. See what is possible, and leave with a full toolbox of ideas.

Unfortunately, this session has been cancelled

Brian Stewart
Speaker: Brian Stewart

Panel Session - The Current State of AI

Our Panel includes our AI presenters as well as special guests who are AI enthusiasts. They will provide a varied perspective on AI as it stands today.

Speaker: Panel

AI-Enabled Privacy: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Protect Personal Data in Modeling and Fine-Tuning Mode

Explore the intersection of AI and privacy with us! Learn how AI can identify personal data, the legalities involved, and practical techniques for safeguarding privacy during modeling. Gain insights for collaboration among lawyers, engineers, and managers. Join us to champion privacy in AI!

Code Made Easy: A Hands-on Guide to Integrating with AI APIs

Join “Code Made Easy: A Hands-on Guide to Integrating with AI APIs.” Designed for non-technical managers (and those new to AI), learn coding basics for AI integration. Bridge the technical gap in your projects, and lead AI-driven success with newfound confidence!

Jean Seely
Speaker: Jean Seely

Behavior-Driven Unit Testing in C

General processing units dominate the computational industry. We can use just about any compiler and have little concern with the binary executable. However, every bit is essential in the microcontroller and processor industry, and C++ compilers frequently exceed the devices capabilities.

The Bad Guys Are (Unfortunately) Talented Developers

Attackers write crafty code to compromise apps, steal data, and cover their tracks. To protect against them, you need to understand them. Come discover the mistakes developers make, see actual exploits & code extracted from ecommerce breach investigations, and learn ways to protect your own apps.

Kevin Bong
Speaker: Kevin Bong

Build Durable Applications with Temporal

You’re calling APIs, databases, and building transactional code, and you need to make sure it all works. In this talk you’ll see how you can use Temporal, an open-source durable execution platform to define workflows that recover from failure. using the languages and platforms you already know.

Brian P. Hogan
Speaker: Brian P. Hogan

Creating a Consumer Electronic Music Device - Firmware - Apps - Interfaces

Building a delivering a successful consumer electronics device can take a lot of coding. In my case, coding in C++, C#, SWIFT and Javascript for the firmware and various apps.

This talk covers the variety of technologies needed to gain customers and build their success, including lessons learned.

David Elvig
Speaker: David Elvig

Build Large Language Models from 0 to 60 (Llama, GPT, OpenAI)

Everyone is talking about AI, and using tools from OpenAI such as ChatGPT. Want to know what it takes to build your own Large Language Models(LLMs)? We will explore the tools ranging from hardware requirements to software requirements. We'll discuss the key elements of language model design, including tokenization strategies, neural network architectures, and training techniques. Attention will be drawn to the significance of quality training data, exploring techniques for data collection, cleaning, and augmentation. This presentation, suitable for ML enthusiasts, data scientists, and curious individuals, promises a comprehensive understanding of constructing large language models, marking the pathway from zero knowledge to a functional model.