Jean Seely

Jean is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in project management, software development, compliance, and privacy. With a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin, she has earned multiple certifications, including PMP, CSM, and CIPM.

Starting her career as a Software Engineer, Jean progressed through various roles at Insight Industries, Catalyst International, Woodmark Technologies, MedAssets, and TekSystems. she later served as a Compliance Manager at Expedia, focusing on remediation projects and cloud control guidelines.

Joining Microsoft in 2017, Jean held several Senior Program Manager positions, playing key roles in privacy initiatives, SOX compliance, risk management, and business continuity automation. She led teams across multiple continents, increased operational efficiency, and mentored team members.

Currently, as the CEO of Seely, Inc., Jean leads project management consulting services throughout North America. She is also an active community volunteer, serving as the VP of Events at PMI La Crosse - Rochester Chapter.

With skills in Project Management, Power BI, Azure, and various programming languages, Jean’s career reflects a blend of technical prowess, leadership acumen, and ethical practices, making her a respected figure in the technology and management landscape.



AI-Enabled Privacy: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Protect Personal Data in Modeling and Fine-Tuning Models


Explore the intersection of AI and privacy with us! Learn how AI can identify personal data, the legalities involved, and practical techniques for safeguarding privacy during modeling. Gain insights for collaboration among lawyers, engineers, and managers. Join us to champion privacy in AI!


In this session, we'll explore how AI can identify and safeguard personal data in the modeling process. As privacy professionals, you’re navigating the complex intersection of technology and regulation, and this talk aims to make that journey easier. We’ll dive into the legal frameworks that govern personal data, demonstrate how AI can flag such data, and discuss practical techniques for curating and fine-tuning models while maintaining privacy. You’ll gain insights from real-world cases and learn how to create collaborative strategies among lawyers, engineers, and managers. Whether you’re a legal counsel, data engineer, or program manager, this session will equip you with the tools and understanding to champion privacy in the AI-driven world.

Code Made Easy: A Hands-on Guide to Integrating with AI APIs


Join “Code Made Easy: A Hands-on Guide to Integrating with AI APIs.” Designed for non-technical managers (and those new to AI), learn coding basics for AI integration. Bridge the technical gap in your projects, and lead AI-driven success with newfound confidence!


Understanding how to write simple code for integrating with AI APIs can significantly enhance a project manager’s capability to drive AI-related projects successfully. This talk, “Code Made Easy: A Hands-on Guide to Integrating with AI APIs for Project/Program Managers,” aims to make the coding aspect approachable, even for non-technical managers. In this session, we’ll delve into the basics of writing code for AI API integration, focusing primarily on Python due to its ease of use and popularity in the AI realm. We’ll cover the process from setting up a development environment and understanding API documentation to writing simple code for accessing and utilizing AI services. Attendees will learn how to interact with common AI APIs like those provided by IBM Watson, Google Cloud AI, and Microsoft Azure. By the end of the session, you’ll gain practical experience and confidence to navigate AI APIs, allowing you to better bridge the gap between the technical team and project goals.