David Elvig

I have a varied career, starting with cab driving, bartending, then Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. I’ve been a software tinkerer along the way. That lead to starting and running a medical software company through its acquisition in 2015.

At the same time, I’ve been a trumpet player since my single-digit years. Music and technology had been waiting in the wings for the opportunity to focus on DigiBrass and the Tilt full-time. I am now happily geeking away at music and technology.

I’m married and have 3 daughters. My youngest daughter has two favorite members of One Direction. It would be risky to pick one.





Building a delivering a successful consumer electronics device can take a lot of coding. In my case, coding in C++, C#, SWIFT and Javascript for the firmware and various apps.

This talk covers the variety of technologies needed to gain customers and build their success, including lessons learned.

Details: Technical-Musical idea becomes a successful Instrument!

The Tilt is a MIDI Wind Controller

It is played by a trumpet player, and produces music through a synthesizer.

What started as curiosity 15 years ago has lead to a successful launch of a product in 2022. Now there are dozens of Tilt players making music!

This talk will briefly outline that journey and demonstrate the Tilt. It will then take a short pass through each of the technologies needed to make the solution work, including: * device firmware and related sensors (C++), * companion-app creation (Swift and C#), and a * web database (Google Firestore).

Along the way, you’ll hear briefly about related technologies, including: * 3D design and printing for an enclosure * Printed Circuit Board design and manufacture

There will be discussion at key points about technology and design choices.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about creating a product from scratch, with some strategies to ease the journey.

The Tilt