Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan writes, edits, makes music, and builds things on the Internet. By day he works for Temporal, helping developers build durable applications through documentation, tutorials, and courses.

Director of Developer Education at Temporal

Open source contributor, software developer, and author.



Build Durable Applications with Temporal


You're calling APIs, databases, and building transactional code, and you need to make sure it all works. In this talk you’ll see how you can use Temporal, an open-source durable execution platform to define workflows that recover from failure. using the languages and platforms you already know.


Every app you build these days involves talking to multiple systems, meaning you must write lots of code to protect against failures. The more complex your business logic is, the more complex your code will be. And today’s apps have complex backends like never before.

Temporal is an open-source platform that powers some of the biggest apps out there. With Temporal, you build applications without worrying about complex retry logic, callbacks, or whether or not your processes complete. In this talk, you’ll discover how you can write applications in your favorite programming language using Temporal, just like Snapchat, Netflix, and many others, forever changing how you approach your application logic.