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Rachael May

I am a freshman in high school, and I want people to know about me, because I want people to know that our generation isn't that terrible, we can show promise. I have a dog named Tank, he is a American Staffordshire Terrior, or commonly named a Pitbull. My favorite colors are Midnight Blue, Midnight Purple, and Evergreen. I like to color, doodle and not much of a girly girl. While I may not be very experienced, I really like coding.



Create Flaming Cows w/ Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most creative games. There are many mobs and bosses. Why buy someone elses mods and extensions, when you can make your own? I will be leading a workshop from the beginning and teaching you how to code a flaming cow, maybe we can explore together.

Does Minecraft seem boring? Maybe need some new excitment? You already beat the Enderdragon, all the bosses, and you want something new. Why buy someone else’s mods and extensions, when you can make your own? Code something cooler than the regular. I will walk you through coding a Flaming Cow from the absolute beginning. Come join me, and bring your laptops ready for fun.

You can bring a laptop with Minecraft installed or use one of the lab computers. We will start from the beginning and will install the add-ons together.