Wesley Larrabe

I am currently working as a internal programmer at Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Before that I was the IT Manager at a little mom and pop factory. I have worked with VB, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C#. I don't have a favorite language as they all have their little nuances that make them better than some and worse than others.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems


Internal Positioning System using WiFi Signal Strength

Ever wonder how malls track your movements to push notifications to your phone when you get near a store? In this sessions we will discuss using WiFi strength and built-in function of networks that will determine where you are in a network.

Tracking people’s movements is helpful in many ways. The most popular use is in malls to push notifications on up coming events or store promotions when you are nearing their locations. Another use for IPS is to help visitors to a company navigate the buildings. In this session I will be talking about using one of the most popular network companies, Cisco, technology to help with the process. I will also be discussing how to accomplish this with out the help of the network and work just based off of WiFi strength. The examples will be in VB.NET but you can use the same techniques in other languages as well.

I will mainly be talking about the theory of how to create an IPS. In order to show the IPS working I would need either a map of the conference area and access points or a already set up network controller that supports user tracking. I believe the talk will beneficial even without the proof of it working. I have been working as an internal programmer for close to 5 years. The reason I am qualified to speak on this subject is I had to research how to accomplish this for work and implement a solution.