Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan writes, edits, makes music, and builds things on the Internet. By day he works for DigitalOcean’s Community team helping make technical articles easy to follow.

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Create Development and Production Environments with Vagrant

Need a Linux box to test a Wordpress site or a Windows VM to test a web site on IE 10? Creating a virtual machine to test or deploy your software doesn’t have to be a manual process. Bring one up in seconds with Vagrant, software for creating and managing virtual machines. With Vagrant, you can bring up a new virtual machine with the software you need, share directories, copy files, and configure networking using a friendly DSL. You can even use shell scripts or more powerful provisioning tools to set up your software and install your apps. Whether you need a Windows machine for testing an app, or a full-blown production environment for your apps, Vagrant has you covered.

In this talk you’ll learn to script the creation of multiple local virtual machines. Then you’ll use the same strategy to provision production servers in the cloud.

I work with Vagrant, Terraform, Docker, and other provisioning systems daily and am excited to show others how to bring this into their own workflows.