Jessica Stodola

Jessica Stodola is an independent contractor currently working for Comcast as a software engineer on their Core Applications Platform team. She has a combined 6 years of education from UW - Eau Claire with a BS in Environmental Geography and CVTC with a Software Developer degree. While she enjoys web design and learning about new technologies with her free time, she also likes getting outside and going camping and biking.

Independent Contractor @ Comcast


Database Automation with Ansible

Ansible is a powerful configuration management tool that makes setting up complex environments trivial. In this talk, you'll learn how to use Ansible to configure a production PostgreSQL database on Ubuntu and some tips and tricks that will help you on the road to production.

Ansible playbooks can make setting up and automating your production environment simpler. Their documentation is thorough and easy to read and the implementation is even easier with the right knowledge. There are also many roles already written with customizable configurations and they can be downloaded directly from the terminal.

Configuring a database can be a daunting task and PostgreSQL databases are no exception. While its usage is intuitive, its setup is another story. There are quirky configuration settings, which can leave you hunting through StackOverflow for hours trying to troubleshoot the problem. We'll go over how to get started deploying PostgreSQL with Ansible, and some tips and tricks that will help you on the road to production.