Daniel Kraft

Though Dan's primary residence is the internet, he currently dwells in Wausau, WI. He is employed as a full-stack web developer for Roastar Inc, a company who produces attractive labeling and flexible packaging for companies in niche markets like coffee roasting and cannabis products.

A true master of none, he enjoys creating music, reading books, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. He is passionate about open source software, and hopes his GitHub profile will properly reflect that... someday.

You can find him online at http://frigginglorio.us/



From Idea to Executable: Finishing That Thing You've Been Working On

Developers love to start projects they will never finish. There are so many great ideas, but not enough time or motivation to complete them.

We are going to figure out which projects are worth finishing, and how to get them done!"

How many half-finished projects do you have sitting by the wayside? How many excuses do we make for ourselves about why they haven't been finished yet? Maybe you have a great idea, but aren't even sure where to start. Whether your idea is an new industry-disrupting startup company, a small desktop app just for personal use, or a home-improvement project; we will figure out a way to get it done.

Consider this your *support group*. We will be sharing and examining various tools & techniques to help you determine viability, plan, organize, and maybe even finish that thing you've been working on! We will even discuss things like lack of motivation and other psychological or social barriers.

Participation and discussion are *highly encouraged*!