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Brian Hogan writes, edits, makes music, and builds things on the Internet. By day he works for DigitalOcean's Community team helping make technical articles easy to follow.

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Elm and Phoenix - The Future of Web Development?

Elm and Phoenix bring functional programming, simplicity, speed, and maintainability to web development. In this talk you'll learn to use Elm to create a reactive UI and Phoenix to build a real-time backend to power that app, and you'll see why forgetting everything you know can be good for you.

Building a robust modern web application involves server side and client side code with many dependencies you'll have to manage. But what if you could start over and avoid JavaScript? Elm is a powerful front-end language designed for making web applications. And Phoenix is a powerful web development framework that makes building scalable back-end services easy. Together, these technologies let you build a modern web app quickly that you'll be able to maintain over time.

In this talk, we'll explore how these languages work, how we use them together, and how we architect a real-time application. We'll discuss the pros and cons, and you'll see how to get started on your own projects.