Alex Bulankou

Alex Bulankou is a development manager at Microsoft Application Insights, a service that helps to detect, triage and diagnose issues with web applications and services. Prior to that Alex was a developer on Visual Studio, Bing and Office 365 team building UX and data visualizations for client and web platforms. As a hobby Alex is bootstrapping an Open Street Map service that helps road travelers find places to stop along the way to their destination:



Client Performance, Availability and Usage Monitoring with Microsoft Application Insights

Microsoft Application Insights is an extensible analytics service that monitors your web application. Application Insights JavaScript SDK is an open source library that enables you to automatically collect page views, track page performance, AJAX requests and usage of your application.

In this talk you will see how to add Application Insights JavaScript SDK to you web application by using JS snippet, and also by importing it as NPM module. We will discuss browser performance captured and aggregated by Application Insights in detail:

Then we will focus on AJAX request collection and how you can explore Application Insights to diagnose the root cause of AJAX failures:

Finally we will discuss how you can add custom operational and business telemetry with JavaScript SDK for Application Insights and issue complex queries.

This talk will be useful to all levels of JavaScript developers, from beginners (as it will start with basic fundamentals), to advanced, as I will go into details of JavaScript monitoring. There will be very few slides and mostly hands-on demo. I have been working on front-end development for 10 years, as an engineer on Bing and Office 365 and recently as an engineering manager for Application Insights, so I have experience writing performant client-side JavaScript applications.