Vince has been a passionate developer and consultant since 2005. He is currently an independent contractor. He received his MCSD for .NET with C# back in 2008. In recent years, he's immersed himself in front end technologies. Even more recently, he's developed a passion for mobile development, specifically of the cross-platform variety. Outside of work, he's a husband and father and enjoys sports, games and learning everything about everything.

Independent Contractor


Cross-Platform Mobile Development with React Native

In January, Facebook launched a framework for building cross-platform native mobile apps built on top of their React.js framework called React Native.

React Native allows you to use your knowledge of JavaScript and the popular React framework to build native mobile applications that work across multiple platforms.

In this session, we'll run through a quick recap of React to get everybody up to speed and then do a deep-dive into the React Native framework to see how to make use of React to easily create great, cross-platform mobile applications.