Shawn Peters & Jake Schultz

Shawn Peters and Jake Schultz are students at UW - Eau Claire, QA Engineers at JAMF Software, and co-founders of L2 Software. At the beginning of 2015, they began developing a test case management system together incorporating elements of MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS/HTML. By April their solution, AtomiCases was being used by JAMF's manual quality assurance team for production-level testing.

JAMF Software


Lessons learned: Building a Test Case Management Tool from Scratch

Join us for a presentation about problem assessment, solutions, becoming multi-lingual through self-teaching, and our experiences building a Test Case management tool. We will discuss our approach to test case oriented QA and the project that moving in that direction at JAMF spurred us to take. From issues of scalability, balancing feature requests with bug fixes, and how to effectively handle user feedback, we will cover something for everyone.