Nick Weber

Nick Weber is a Senior Web/Mobile Developer for the American Academy of Neurology. Nick is an expert in software architecture and development with experience in .NET, MVC, Web Api, AngularJS, Typescript, Javascript, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Cordova. Along with architecting, designing, and developing over 40 different web applications for AAN, he has also coded and deployed several mobile apps currently available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store using various cross-platform development environments. Nick is a huge fan of Swedish/Nordic crime fiction and would love to help guide anyone interested into this fabulous genre.

American Academy of Neurology


IdentityServer vs Auth0

Almost everybody using the Internet has either Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account, and this has lead to an authorization/authentication paradigm shift to single sign-on models. Users don't want to have to remember 100s or 1000s of username/password combinations, and even more importantly we as developers want to remove as many obstacles as possible between the user and the app we want them to start using. It's one thing to utilize SSO with any of the big boys, but what if you want to host your own SSO? Enter IdentityServer (.NET open source solution) and Auth0 (hosted SAS solution).