Emily Mikl

Emily Mikl is a fourth semester student at CVTC in the IT-Software Developer program, graduating in December. Prior to returning to school, she was employed as a graphic designer/desktop publisher in the newspaper industry for 13 years. Emily interned at the Eau Claire Economic Development Corporation in 2014 as a web designer, and at Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation this past summer as a web designer. She is currently employed at Mason Companies, Inc., as a web designer. When Emily is not powering away at her homework and school projects, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Emily Mikl
Mason Companies


What Every Developer Needs to Know When Working with Designers

Developers and designers sometimes have a hard time working together on a project, because they don’t completely understand each other and what the other does. This session will be for developers who are, ever have, or will work with a graphic designer or design team. I will discuss the different types of designers and what their roles are (UI, UX), and how to communicate with them effectively. If time permits, I will also give a few tips on designing if a developer does not have a designer to work with.