David Kincaid

IDEXX Laboratories


Introduction to R programming and the Hadleyverse

The open source R Project for Statistical Computing is a leading tool and programming language for Data Scientists, Statisticians and all manner of data analytics. If you've looked at R before and been turned off by arcane syntax and challenges of having to learn too many different libraries, you should look again. The world of R programming has changed significantly in recent years with the development of some key libraries for data manipulation (tidyr, dplyr, readr), visualization (ggplot2, ggmap) and development tools (RStudio, testthat, devtools). Collectively these libraries have been dubbed the "Hadleyverse" after the main author, Hadley Wickham. In this talk I will introduce you to these tools and show how they make doing sophisticated data analysis less about figuring out how to use the tools and more about the actual data and the analysis.