Aaron Salmon

I'm a jovial lad and civic geek who recently moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin by way of Chicago. Every day I help create innovative products using a mix of product design, art direction, and front-end development.

I've had engagements with teams, startups and design studios since 1999. I was lead UI/UX Engineer on the Obama 2012 Technology Team, Mentor at TechStars, Art Director at Northwestern University Knight Lab, and most recently, Lead Design at Chicago-based startup 'Public Good'.

I'm a Dad, husband and cyclist. I'm fired up about about civic technology, open data, bike & pedestrian infrastructure, placemaking and civic engagement.

Art Director/User Experience Engineer


Design deliverables and tips for rapid development

Within small organizations and fast-paced startups, design resources are often spread thin. We can maximize design efforts by creating living style guides, templates, and shared assets that benefit multiple work streams. We'll discuss these tools and other easy-wins I deployed on the Obama 2012 Technology Team and in organizations since that empower designers, minimize design-lift needed to ship new products and streamline how various departments interact with design.