Dr. Paul J. Wagner was a software developer at 3M for five years and then a university computer science instructor at UW-Stout and UW-Eau Claire for the last twenty-five years. He has focused his research and teaching on software design and development, database systems, and computer security. He is now teaching part-time, both at UW-Eau Claire and internationally in China and New Zealand.



Five Design and Development Techniques That Make Your Life Easier

What are the ideas that make the most difference in your software development? How do you organize your code? When can (and should) process be considered data, and vice versa? When is it helpful to invert the traditional way of implementing modular behavior? I present five design and development ideas that have helped me (and that I have taught to software engineering students at UWEC.) I'll also ask you to tell me and the other attendees about the ideas that have helped you - bring your design and architecture patterns, programming idioms, favorite framework ideas, and other development/design ideas. We'll generate a list that can be of help to all of us.