My first experience with stylesheets was in InDesign and it's what drove me to web development. I jumped on-board with LESS as soon as it was released, and SASS and Compass soon afterward. I've styled large, brandable, multi-product SAAS suites and many quick, forgettable sites. These days I mostly write JavaScript and obsess over web components.



Stylesheet Design Patterns for Better CSS

Don't think of pattern images or UX design patterns; we will be discussing strategies for tackling common problems in CSS development. SAAS and lean proof-of-concepts require different strategies, but both should have styles that are scalable and maintainable.

We'll call out anti-patterns in our stylesheets and look at patterns from the community. We'll talk about selectors and media queries and learn about preprocessors. Having these patterns and insights in your toolkit will allow you to make choices that produce better CSS that scale like a boss.