Jason Bock is a Practice Lead for Magenic and a Microsoft MVP (C#). He has 20 years of experience working on a number of business applications using a diverse set of frameworks and languages such as C#, .NET, and JavaScript. He is the author of "Metaprogramming in .NET", "Applied .NET Attributes", and "CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .NET". He has written numerous articles on software development issues and has presented at a number of conferences and user groups. He is a leader of the Twin Cities Code Camp. Jason holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University. Visit his web site at http://www.jasonbock.net.

Magenic Technologies


Improving Performance in .NET Applications

We all want to write fast code. But writing code that performs well doesn't come for free. Developers must be cognizant of what their code will do when it is executed, and what tools to use when you want to find the hot spots. In this session, we'll cover what a .NET developer needs to know to improve the performance of their applications.