Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan is a web developer from Eau Claire who loves teaching software development through books, videos, and classroom instruction. He loves HTML, CSS, and Ruby, battles JavaScript, and creates music. When not rocking out or hacking on code, he's hanging out with his wife and daughters.




Elixir is a new functional programming language based on the Erlang virtual machine, and it'll make you start thinking about programming in a completely new way. In this session I'll introduce some of the concepts of Elixir while writing some beginner-level programs. We'll explore Elixir's powerful pattern matching syntax and other features as we write programs free of loops, mutable variables, and "IF/ELSE" statements.

If you're a newbie to programming, you'll love this talk. And if you're an experienced developer, get ready to feel like a complete newbie again. Either way, it'll be a blast!