Brett is a programmer/analyst focusing on Microsoft BizTalk Server on Marshfield Clinic Information Service's interface team. Experiencing a mid-life crisis of epic proportions led Brett to earn a degree in Computer Science from UW-Eau Claire at the age of 40 with the support of his wife and family. His wife, Melissa, constantly filters his bad jokes without judgement and his children Matthew and Lydia have been graced with better senses of humor. His twitter handle is @nadman67.

A recent graduate of UW-Eau Claire, Adam joined Marshfield Clinic Information Services full-time after previously interning for the company. Adam has experience in .Net, mobile development and is able to sift through legacy C++ code with the best of them. When not developing interface solutions for MCIS, Adam engages in hero worship of Cam Newton. He is engaged to be married to Olivia Westlund.

Marshfield Clinic Information Services


Integrate and connect with Microsoft Service Bus

Microsoft's Service Bus offers both on-premises and cloud solutions for your application integration needs. It also makes connecting real-world devices and sensors to your applications a breeze. We will demonstrate an end-to-end cloud based messaging solution and outline how we use Service Bus to meet our Enterprise Application Integration needs at Marshfield Clinic Information Services.