Keith Burnell

Keith Burnell is a Microsoft Web MVP and Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies. He has been developing software for over 10 years specializing in large scale web site development and architecture as well as teaching and mentoring clients on the benefits of test-driven development.

Keith is an active member of the .NET community who speaks regularly at local and regional user groups and developer events as well as at national and international conferences. He is an avid blogger and author who been featured multiple times in MSDN magazine and has authored courses for Pluralsight.

Keith has two wonderful daughters and is married to his high school sweetheart who is still way out of his league!

When not slinging code, Keith enjoys spending time with his family, soccer and marital arts.

Keith can be found on his Blog, Twitter, and GitHub.

Skyline Technologies


EF Code First - Magic Unicorns and Beyond

Entity Framework Code First was dubbed "The Magic Unicorn" by Scott Hanselman because of its ability to allow development of a full database backed application without ever opening SQL Server Management Studio. Magic, right? But how is this even possible?

In this talk Keith will dive into Entity Framework Code First and how it allows you to use Model/Domain Driven development with nothing but POCOs to keep you in Visual Studio and out of SSMS.

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