Jenna Pederson

Jenna Pederson is an independent software developer based out of Minneapolis. She has worn a variety of hats in the development of building desktop software, web, and mobile applications. With experience from the front-end all the way down to the physical servers, from development to business analysis and testing, Jenna is a passionate developer who enjoys getting other engineers excited about the technology and how to solve business problems.

J. Pederson Consulting, Inc.


Developing Productivity

Learn real world techniques for improving your productivity as a developer. We'll skip past the hype that it's impossible to measure an individual developer or a team's productivity and jump right into the meat of learning how to tweak your personal and team development processes to deliver more value to your clients. This session will take a look at practices to help you improve, processes, and tools - everything from automating your app deployment to using a clipboard manager. As one of the best ways of finding new productivity tweaks is working with other developers, we'll also gather suggestions from the audience on what works in the wild.

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