Jeff McRaven

Jeff McRaven has been tinkering with electronics since his teenage years. With the arrival of affordable microcontrollers, this hobby has turned into something of an obsession. His 25-year career as a programmer blends well with the intelligence a microcontroller provides an electronic mechanism. Although he has a background in electronics, he approaches the subject of microcontrollers from the perspective of a programmer.



Getting Started with Arduino

Arduino microcontrollers have stormed onto the hobby scene. They provide a simple way to incorporate "intelligence" into an electro-mechanical project.

This lecture and demonstration is designed to provide the attendee with all they will need to know to begin to learn how to use the Arduino line of microcontrollers. Topics will include what to buy, how to constructs circuits, and how to program these controllers. There will be several demonstrations of the Arduino Uno, along with explanations of the code behind them. The Uno will be compared and contrasted with other controllers.

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