Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson has worked in the Chippewa Valley area over the past two years as an ETL Developer, Jr. Project Manager, and Software Engineer. He�s currently employed by JB Systems in downtown Eau Claire as a Programmer. When it comes web applications, he means business.

After hacking away at a clients code base, he enjoys the solitude of running a small motorcycle restoration shop and writing articles for various sites.

JB Systems


Learning Ruby: Practical Steps to Earning Your Ruby Shoes

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with an elegant syntax and powerful features. To an extent, Ruby is an easy programming language to learn, but difficult to master. For experienced programmers, some concepts in Ruby will already be familiar with you, but the perspective Ruby takes can baffle even the most industrious programmer.

In this talk we will discuss practical steps to learning Ruby, covering topics such as: Installing Ruby, Why/When to use Ruby, Ruby Idioms, Gems, and Key Resources.